Quality Policy

The quality of the products and services offered, the protection of the environment and occupational health and safety are the primary values and strategic objectives of Fiori Group SpA. They represent an important commitment in terms of development of corporate activities, management of the plant and relationship with the community. 

To this end, Fiori Group S.p.A. believes it is important to implement an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System in order to improve the organisational aspects; this will guarantee the accurate and standardised management of the processes and hence guarantee the quality of the products and services offered to customers. The company also believes that activities must be developed in a sustainable way that respects the surrounding environment and safeguards the health and safety of the personnel involved. The integrated management system is considered to be a valuable tool for continuous assessment and improvement, while maintaining the right balance between social, environmental and economic responsibility.

In line with these principles, Fiori Group S.p.A. intends to:

  • Guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes within its own plant, with a view to continuous improvement;  the aim is to fulfil the explicit and implicit expectations of its customers and of all the parties involved, and to meet the criteria established by the standards of reference through the assignment of tasks and responsibilities and by adopting work methods organised in procedures which, however, allow the company to maintain the flexibility typical of the current organisation.
  • Guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes assigned to third parties in terms of:
    • its own quality standards
    • compulsory requirements
    • requirements agreed with the customer
    • environmental and occupational health and safety regulations in force

These objectives are also pursued through the implementation of specific supervision and monitoring plans.

  • Increase the level and quality of the standards of its products and services, reduce customer claims and clearly define customer expectations beforehand, also in relation to the leading companies in the sector.
  • Ensure that all the activities are in conformity with national laws and with EU directives, in particular with those concerning product safety, protection of the environment and occupational health and safety.
  • Promote and implement any reasonable initiative aimed at reducing risks to a minimum and eliminating the causes that may prejudice the health and safety of employees and of any other workers on site.
  • Promote and implement the actions aimed at analysing the context in which the company operates, taking into account the rapid changes of external conditions.
  • Analyse and understand the needs and expectations of the interested parties involved inside and outside the company.
  • Promote, identify and analyse the potential risks and opportunities of the different contextual factors that the company may face.
  • Favour sustainable development in environmental terms, through activities that aim to:
    • develop the continuous commitment and attention to  improve the performance of the production systems, through the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, water and soil;
    • use natural resources in a responsible and conscious manner;
    • prevent and reduce the volume and hazard of waste;
    • assess in advance the environmental and safety impact of new activities, processes and products, with the aim of preventing pollution, accidents at work and occupational diseases; 
    • implement new processes and review old ones,  with a view to the environmental analysis of the product’s entire lifecycle; 
    • develop a constructive collaboration (based on maximum trust and transparency) within the company and with interested parties such as the  community and institutions,  for the management of environmental, health and safety issues;
    • monitor the performance indexes in terms of quality, safety and environment, by implementing effective management and control systems.

Fiori Group S.p.A. is aware that the active contribution of its personnel and partners (suppliers, contractors and subcontractors) is fundamental to achieve the above mentioned objectives; for this reason it will carry out targeted continuous information, awareness raising and training activities inside and outside the company.

This policy shall be used as benchmark in the periodic reviews, to assess the results achieved and to identify new ones, in line with the company’s continuous improvement philosophy.