Vietnam Construction Industry: Trends, Growth, Forecast

The construction industry in Vietnam is registering tremendous growth and that’s as a result of economic recovery and the government’s commitment to investment into infrastructure.  The government has highly invested in the development of industrial facilities and that demands for use of high-quality construction equipment. FIORI GROUP brand of equipment is considered ideal due to their versatile nature and uncompromised quality that in turn enhances work efficiency and high performance in construction sites. 

FIORI GROUP range of construction equipment is suitable for use in construction projects that are capital intensive, as used for the machines can drastically lead to cost reduction. Here are some of the areas of focus in the Vietnam Construction Industry in terms of trends, growth, and forecast;


Railway Development Strategy

Under the Railway development Strategy in Vietnam; the government has invested towards the improvement of railway infrastructure. According to a report by the Ministry of Transport; there has been a plan to develop the North-South railway infrastructure which also includes the construction of a dual-track broad gauge line and upgrade to the existing railroads. Such types of projects demand the use of very versatile concrete transport vehicles from FIORI GROUP

FIORI DB 560T transit mixer is quite ideal for use in railroad construction due to the stability, agility, and maneuverability of the equipment. FIORI DB 560T is an all-terrain construction machinery that can perform efficiently well in rural settings and also perfect for construction work along tunnels. The drum is designed in a way that ensures transportation of 5.5 cubic meter of concrete in a homogenous condition.


Affordable Housing project

The government has been involved in the construction of an affordable housing program to help address the housing challenges faced by low-income citizens. The success of such projects highly relies on the use of FIORI Self Loading Concrete Mixers which are the perfect solution to the supply of high-quality concrete in construction sites. FIORI DB X50 is one of the most economical and large capacity concrete mixers that are designed for large projects such as those taking place in Vietnam.


FIORI DB X50 is highly agile and compact size construction equipment with a guaranteed yeild of 5.0 cubic meter of concrete in each batch. The unique positioning of the drum together with the specially designed loading arm provides the operator with enhanced visibility during loading and casting operations. FIORI GROUP quality standards have remained uncompromised through the years and that’s why investing in these brands of construction equipment ensures high performance in construction sites.


Drive towards Fully Industrialized Country

Under the Socio-Economic Development Plan, the government has plans of upgrading industries through various programs and initiatives and some of that require a lot of construction work. Investment in highly versatile construction equipment such as cement dispensers in construction sites can greatly help with enhancing productivity and ensuring the production of high-quality concrete.


FIORI HS 35.0 Horizontal Cement Silos are ideal for storage and dosage of cement in construction sites. The equipment is a perfect complement to the FIORI GROUP Self-Loading Concrete Mixers and having them within the construction site helps with ensuring the faster supply of high-quality concrete for efficient construction work. The Horizontal Cement Silos are very mobile because of adjustable telescopic lifting legs and can be easily transported and positioned within the construction site without the need for a crane. 

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