Trending Construction Equipment in Vietnam 2021

The growth of construction industry and government sponsored infrastructure projects is driving the demand for quality construction equipment and building materials in Vietnam. In the year 2020, the construction industry in Vietnam did reasonably well, when compared to other similar markets within the Southeast Asia region. 

The growth that has been experienced in the construction Industry can be attributed to the increased investments in the infrastructure industry. Innovation and technology are shaping the construction machinery sector with construction companies giving preference to machinery and equipment that are well designed for high performance and efficiency. Here are some of the trending construction equipment in Vietnam 2021;


FIORI’s Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

Self-Loading Concrete Mixers are must-have construction equipment in every construction site. The equipment automatically produces and also transports certifiable concrete on-site which makes the construction process to be quite efficient. Investing in FIORI’s Self-Loading Concrete Mixers makes it possible to keep tabs on your concrete production costs. The equipment is versatile and innovatively designed with features that make its operation easy and automatic.

With FIORI’s Self-Loading Concrete Mixers, you will be able to save on labor costs as you also realize increased efficiency. FIORI’s DB 460 is one economical, agile and compact Self-Loading Concrete Mixer that performs perfectly well in any terrain. The machines are well known for their extreme mobility which makes them an ideal replacement for small and medium size batching plants. FIORI’s DB 460 produces a guaranteed yield of 4.0m3 of certifiable concrete in every batch alongside a daily productivity of 90/100m3.


FIORI’s DB 460 is designed with a computerized electronic batching system that ensures accurate and precise dosing. The system is interactive and fully integrated making it easy for the operator to ensure precise dosing, mixing time and ensures homogeneity of the final product.


Transit Mixers

Transit Mixers are also part of the trending construction equipment in Vietnam 2021. With Transit Mixers, it becomes possible to transport homogenized concrete from the concrete batching plant to locations where it’s to be utilized. Transit Mixers can be used to deliver homogenized concrete to various construction sites such as for mining projects, tunnels, bridges, railway lines, highways and more. 

FIORI’s DB 560T is one unique Transit Mixer that’s well designed with great features. Mobility, agility and stability are key features that enable this machine to deliver unparalleled performance. 

The all-wheel drive, low height of three meters, and hydrostatic transmission make DB 560T to be an excellent all-terrain vehicle. Its unique sear reversibility makes it perfect for transportation of concrete to mines, tunnels and areas with limited maneuverability. 


Cement Dispensers

Cement dispensers is a construction equipment that greatly compliments Fiori’s Self-Loading Concrete Mixer. The equipment is not only used to store cement in a safe environment-friendly way but also dispenses cement at a faster rate of 500 kgs per minute, which enhances the productivity of concrete by a huge degree. FIORI’s Horizontal Cement Silos are used for both storage and dosing of cement and other powder materials.