Construction Equipment Supply: Why Engage FIORI GROUP

There is a gradual increase in number of new infrastructure projects in the recent times and that demands for use of versatile construction equipment and machinery with proven ability for high performance. Construction project managers prefer use of equipment and machinery that makes it possible for the projects to be completed on time and ensures use of materials that don’t compromise the integrity of the built structure. 

The expansive field of construction equipment and machinery has tremendously grown in the past years. Identifying a manufacturer that’s capable of supplying high quality machinery with proven ability to deliver high performance is important. FIORI GROUP is a renowned supplier of high quality and versatile construction machinery with workmanship that incorporates innovative features. Here are some of the reasons for engaging FIORI GROUP;


Versatility and High Quality

The technological advancement of FIORI GROUP’s construction equipment and machinery has been astounding. The company puts heightened emphasis on new technology, high performance and mobility of the machines in difficult working conditions, which in turn guarantees ease of operation and high productivity and responsiveness. FIORI GROUP’s Self-Loading Concrete Mixers has number of versatile qualities such as 4x4 wheel drive,  Reversible driving seat & 245° drum rotation, portability, the computerized electronic batching system, dual controls for mixing and unloading, among others.

FIORI GROUP is one of the world’s leading supplier of Self-Loading Concrete Mixers alongside other key construction machinery. The company continues to gain an impressive market share in the construction Industry especially in the Southeast Asian region due to the versatility and high quality of their machinery and equipment.


Innovation and Technology

New technologies are emerging daily in the construction industry and awareness of the latest technology is vital for improved functioning of the construction equipment and machinery. FIORI GROUP has embraced innovation and technology in their design of construction equipment and machinery. Incorporation of the latest technology into the designing of the machinery and equipment greatly impacts the quality of the machinery and also enhances their performance. Due to the incorporated technology and innovation in FIORI GROUP brand of equipment and machinery; a lot more can be achieved with the machinery within a short period of time and with less man power. 

Contractors that have invested in FIORI GROUP brand of equipment are more likely to execute their projects within a reduced period of time and that makes it possible for them to accomplish more projects. 


Ease of Use and Safety

FIORI GROUP’s construction equipment and machinery are ergonomically designed in a way that enhances ease of use. The wide cabin windscreen of FIORI’s Self-Loading Concrete Mixers is designed for improved visibility during the aggregate loading and concrete discharge process. The closed cabin that’s installed to the left enhances the operator’s safety. 

Having reliable and efficient construction equipment will ensure that safety is ensured in the worksite and high performance is realized. However, it’s important to only engage operators who are well trained and conversant with how to use the machinery. While construction equipment and machinery are vital for high performance, the project executioners have a responsibility to ensure that safety is observed within the construction site.