Concrete is the most suitable material for construction, since it can withstand varied compression forces. Moreover it is workable and durable material and can be formed to any shape desired.

The majority of concrete building is found in commercial applications, such as malls and retail stores. In some locations, factory plants feature concrete exterior walls, designed to enhance security and offer a higher level of resistance to strong winds and storms.

Residential building

Concrete is the only major building product arriving at the job site in a soft state that can be molded into nearly any shape before it hardens into an extremely strong and long-lasting material. This economical and easy to make product ranks as the world’s most widely used building material. In fact, it serves as the foundation for nearly all of the skyscrapers, factories, walls, bridges built today. The use of concrete in modern constructions is an environmentally responsible choice that provides building owners with energy-efficient buildings by combining isolation with high thermal mass and low air infiltration and providing occupants with optimal comfort and health.