Concrete is the most essential building material necessary to build infrastructure that sustain our civilization. It provides the raw material to build vital facilities like waterfronts, blocks, bridges, buildings, silos, roads and airports. It’s also the most economical, enduring and fit-for-purpose building material; delivering strong performance across the three pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic.

Urban Infrastructures

Concrete builds durable, long-lasting structures that will not corrupt or burn. Life spans for concrete building products can be double or triple those of other common building materials. Concrete minimizes the effects that produce heat. Light-colored concrete pavements and roofs absorb less heat and reflect more solar radiation than dark-colored materials, such as asphalt, reducing air conditioning demands in summer time. Minimal waste, concrete can be produced in the quantities needed for each project, reducing waste. After a concrete structure has served its original purpose, the concrete can be crushed and recycled into aggregate for use in new concrete pavements or as backfill or road base.